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create account

creating an account to our page is really easy and has many benefits:

  • Fast checking  : you can save your favorite products to avoid searching for them again
  • state of my order : you can check the history of your orders and your information, track your order and manage your returns.
  • Personal information  : manage your data, update your password

You can create an account when the personal information check has completed , using the data you just entered or any other time clicking the link “connect” and completing the form. If you not wish to create an account, you can always place an order as a visitor.

I haven’t received a link to connect my account. Can you help me?

No panic !

Sometimes the email providers can filter automatically your emails to junk mail.

Take a look to your junk mail files to see if you can find our confirmation email. If you still can’t activate your account, you can contact our customer service team where they can request a new activation link for you .

I wrote incorrectly my email. How can I have access to my account?

For safety reasons, we can not change your email address that relate with your account in If you did a misspelling, you can just create a new account with the correct email address and then you can activate your account by clicking the link you will receive in your email.

If you placed an order with incorrect email address, you can contact the customer service to update you about your order.

How can delete your newsletter from your account ?

Despite the fact that we take care to limit the amount and the frequency of our newsletter, you can of course  accept to receive them or you can quit at anytime.

Log in to your account , enter the section “personal information “ and activate or deactivate the “sign up to our newsletter” border. You can also decline the subscription  to our newsletter straight away from any of our information messages. If you wish, you can always follow our updates trough our social networking!

How can I pay?

at, we accept to:

pay on deliver, payment via bank, Pay Pal, credit or debit cards.
all the credit Visa, Maestro and MasterCard are welcome to our website .

web safety

At you can shop with safety: your order will be processed by a secure server. You can check our safety button on the bottom of our site, as well as  on our “https”address . When you pay via credit or debit card, it will be asked to you to enter the CVV code of you card before you complete your purchase for more safety – you can find your CVV code either on the front or back side of your card. For our mutual safety, the has the right to maintain the orders for credit or debit cards to verification.

How can I use my discount code?

If you have a discount code at, you are lucky! Enter your discount code at checkout in the field  “do you have a discount code?. The discount will be completed automatically .

The discount codes usually can’t be combined and there’s a chance some products to be excluded. We suggest  you to read the terms and conditions about discounts and discount codes, for better information!

If for any reason your order get canceled, we will refund the whole amount of money that were purchased. If you order get canceled partially, we will refund the price of the canceled items . The discount codes can be used only once ,for this reason you can not use the same code again.

How would I know that you received my purchase;

We always send a confirmation mail of your order and the purchase . That could take till 48 hours, depending of the method of your payment. If you haven’t received any confirmation mail after 48 hours passed, make sure that you mail isn’t in the junk mail of your provider. If you still haven’t received any confirmation mail you can always contact our customer service, we will be happy to help you.

I just placed my order, but I haven’t put my discount code. Can you do that for me?

Unfortunately once the order has been placed we can not make any alterations. Yikes!  Although if you order hasn’t been sent yet we are pleased to cancel the order for you so that you can reorder and place the discount code.

My payment keep getting canceled! 

We understand how frustrating this can be! Provide that our system rejecting automatically the purchases when the registered information don’t match with the real ones, make sure that you have put the correct information and the card details. If you are trying to pay with credit or debit card, you may have to put the CCV code of your card for safety reason.  If all your personal details are correct, you may check your card balance. If you purchase still get rejected, we suggest you to contact your bank, regarding  the issue or you can choose different way of payment.